1. What is Trading Doge Switzerland?

We are experts in the field of trading and investment, regardless of experience and guiding you through the journey to become a consistent trader with a fully Funded Live Trading Account.

2. How do I Start?

Sign up providing your wallet address and Start earning Dogecoin. Registering on tradingdoge.com means that you have accepted all terms and conditions.

3. I don't have a Dogecoin wallet. How can I create one?

You can create Dogecoin wallet using online services like Coinpayments.

4. How much can I earn on the affiliate program?

You will earn 4% every time your referral active new plan on Trading Doge Switzerland.

5. How long does it takes to withdraw money?

Withdrawal applications are generally processed manually and take longer in less than 6 hours.

6. What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 10.00000000 DOGE.

7. Can i have multiple account?

You are not allowed to have multiple accounts and use one IP address or same device for two accounts. The referral program is designed as a way to reward you for attracting new users and endorsing the product.if do it your account will be blocked without refund any amount. Also every transaction between you and your referral is considered as money laundering , your account is controlled by a robot to analyze every transaction between users, so both accounts will be blocked without refund any amount (Art. 305bis Swiss Penal Code).

8. I am under 20 years old , can i invest?

No, investment is forbidden by law to minors, therefore it is necessary that parents are an example and make their children understand that the investment can cause them first of all legal problems. in this case the child's account would be blocked without refund any amount. (Art. 4413bis Swiss Penal Code).

9. I haven't found an answer to my question. How can I get in touch with you?

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